Excuses suck.

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I thought I’d share with you all the first chapter of my upcoming book. The book itself is relatively short, while the title is uncharacteristically long. It is designed to be a succinct, no-nonsense rebuttal to common excuses which far too many of us accept like a pie from grandma.

Without further ado, here is the first chapter of “The Little Book About Why Your Excuses Suck: A Guide to Understanding That You Are The Only Thing Holding You Back”

Excuses Suck – Chapter One

Excuses are like…
I’m sure you know where that sentence ends up, and it’s true. Excuses are useless. They do absolutely nothing to help you reach your goals/aspirations/dreams. To put it bluntly: EXCUSES SUCK!

I’m not some uber-successful businessman or sales guy. I’m not the fittest or strongest guy in the world. I’m a husband, father and a cop. I’m a writer/novelist. I’m a Jesus loving Christian. I am also consistently doing what I want to do and what I’ve been called to do.  I am no longer held down by the excuses that used to rear their ugly heads every day of my life.   

I remember back when I was addicted to video games and weed and pornography. I look back and I’m disgusted with the choices I used to think were right. Back then my life was soaked in the piss of excuses and laziness. I was a boy pretending to be a man in futility.   

Then through a series of very fortunate events, and more than anything by the grace of God, I  began to figure life out. One of the first things I realized was that excuses are garbage. They exist for losers to make themselves and other losers feel good about losing.   

Excuses are the boards that will form the coffin of your early death.   

Henry David Thoreau, an American poet (and more) said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”  

I can’t be one of those men. I absolutely cannot do it.   

And if you’re reading this book then I’d bet that you’re a lot like I was. You want to positively change yourself and your life. You hate the idea of living a quiet life full of nothing. Maybe you feel that God has called you on to a greater purpose, but you have no idea how to fulfill it.   

Whatever the case, excuses will do nothing for you but drag you down into the depths of obscurity and suffering. I’m not telling you that obscurity and suffering are the same thing, but I know that if you’re like me and you have a song in your heart or a story to tell or a message to deliver, obscurity is anathema to your purpose. If you cannot fulfill your purpose then you suffer physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  

So, right here at the outset I need you to make a commitment to yourself. Commit to ignore the excuses. This book has an good list of what to look out for, but it isn’t exhaustive and if I’ve learned anything it’s that our brains get increasingly adept at creating new and “more understandable” excuses after we start overcoming the old ones.   

Commit to yourself that you will not fall backward into the coffin that awaits. Start and don’t look back until you’re so far forward that today will only be a pinpoint on the map of your past. Commit to a new way, a new path – a path where you win because you no longer give in when you’re mind tells you you’re pushing too hard. Make no mistake, it will tell you that.   

Commit to living a life worthy of the calling you’ve been given!

Until next time,

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