Live By Faith, Not Feelings

I want to talk about the state of the world right now. You know, as well as I do, that the coronavirus has thrown this world into a kind of chaos that most people in history might only experience once in a generation. It seems like we’ve gone through several of these in the past couple of decades, though.

Covid is nothing special, but it is there. And it’s the perfect example for me to demonstrate how fruitless it is to live according to how we feel about something. When the lock-downs first started in the US it seemed like there were two camps. The first, and larger, were those reacting to it in fear. The second group were those who called it what it was: overblown.

Yes, the sickness is real, and yes, it has killed a lot of people which may have lived if they’d never caught it. But we all know on some level that there is an inordinate amount of unusual happening surrounding this thing. The recommendations of the “professionals” are more confusing than anything else. Is it one mask or four masks? How about no mask? Why is everyone okay with neck gaiters and bandanas in place of medical grade masks if their really that worried about this virus?

“Face coverings” are absolutely useless, yet almost no one wears actual masks out in public. How does that make me feel? It makes me feel like everyone is an idiot. Nearly the entire world has been duped into egregious restrictions and infringements upon personal freedoms at the behest of a ruling “elite” who do not care about you or me. The response to this has been an exercise in inducing fear in the populace. It’s mind control. And it worked.

There is an argument for masks, but it’s not what you think and it’s not for this post. I’ll probably talk about it in the near future, though.

So many people are living in fear that it is insane. People are ratting out their loved ones, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc for not wearing masks that don’t do anything to protect anyone in the first place, all because it lets them feel some arbitrary level of comfort in the face of their exaggerated fears. People are living according to how they feel. Christians are living according to how they feel.

Am I the only one who sees a problem with that? Are we not supposed to live by faith in the God who created us? When did we start believing that some virus, or governmental sanctions, or anything else in the world, was greater than GOD? And, by the way, why are Christians afraid of dying? It’s an upgrade, people. At least that’s true for you if you rally believe what you profess to believe.

But it’s not just with covid, is it? Covid seems to have had a powerful compounding effect, making this phenomenon more blatant than it once was, but it’s the same with many other things. We make decisions based on how we feel about things; based on what we want. Pastor Philip Mitchell of Victory Church in Atlanta, Georgia had something to say about this.

He gave the analogy of that little yellow indicator light that appears in the side mirrors of some vehicles as the flip on their turn signal. That light is an indicator that tells you when there’s something in your blind spot. We all have blind spots, and not just in our vehicle. Our feelings, like that little yellow light, are indicators that let you know you need to pause; to wait a moment and double check your blind spot. Your feelings let you know when things are good, and when things are bad. After you get a feeling, you then have to use reason to make a decision about what you’re going to do.

You have the choice to let that indicator inform your decisions, or you can ignore it. You can go ahead and merge because that’s what you want to do. You can go ahead and do whatever it is you’re wanting to do because that’s what you feel like doing, but that’s how you get in a wreck people. If you merge, disregarding that little indicator light, you’re going to hit something.

If you act based on how you feel because that’s what you want, you’re going to crash. You have to take those indicators for what they are and use reason to analyze everything. You will logically think that since that light is on there’s probably something there. You don’t want to die or kill someone else, or even just wreck your car, so you wait and check and then merge when it’s clear.

It’s the same with feelings. Pay attention to them, think about why they are there, then decide on a course of action. That is reasonable. That makes sense. It does not make sense to feel emotions and then change your entire way of life because of them. It makes even less sense to do so out of fear, when God tells us over three hundred times throughout the Bible to not fear.

I understand that fears come, and it’s difficult at times to get a grip on it and to act rationally. But, if you believe in God then you are living a double-minded life by letting fear control your decision making process. If you don’t believe in God then I suppose I understand why you’re living according to your emotions, because you have no unchanging foundation upon which to build your house. It’s still not a good way of doing things, and even worse since you don’t trust in the God who made you, but it’s slightly more understandable than when Christians do this.

God does not change, or grow weary, and He is not less than the things in your life that cause your emotions to bubble up. He is greater than the virus. He is greater than your work schedule. He is greater than your finances. He is greater than you. He is the One who made you and everything else. He’s got this. Trust in Him and in His plan for this world and His people. Let whatever may come, come, and hold fast to your faith in the Lord. Feelings should never overwhelm your faith.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Thoughts? Leave them below.

Until next time,

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