Commitment to Exceeding Expectations is Powerful

Many of you already know that I’m taking part in SOULCON Challenge Eleazer right now. Today is Day 19 of the challenge and it’s going well. It’s showing me in new ways how powerful self-discipline is in my walk with Christ. I’m learning that turning from the lusts of my flesh allows me to be closer to God. Turning from sin actually allows me to grow closer to Him.

Before recently that was just head knowledge. I’ve talked often in the past about the difference between cognitive and visceral knowledge and this is a very powerful example of that. I’m experiencing it now and that makes all the difference.

But right now I want to talk about yesterday’s “daily challenge.” The SOULCON Challenge incorporates physical, mental, and physical aspects all in an effort to do just what I mentioned above, increase self-discipline in order to have a more full relationship with Jesus. So yesterday’s challenge was to hold a plank for as long as possible.

It turned out to be another in several recent proofs that have shown me that being committed to exceeding expectations is so powerful that it actually makes you exceed expectations. Commitment is underrated. Telling myself “I’m not going to quite because I’m committed to doing this to the best of my ability” carries me through the pain of the moment into a victory I didn’t know I could have.

That being said, we don’t always reach our goals. I was committed to holding that plank for at least 5 minutes. I failed. I’ve tested myself on the plank before, though, with never a commitment to get to a certain time. Those times all resulted in me holding the plank for much less time than I did yesterday.

I ended up holding it for four minutes. Don’t get me wrong, that is far, far below what others are capable of doing, but it was awesome for me. For something I don’t typically train, to reach a time I’d never gotten to before on the plank, it felt good. And now I know viscerally the power of holding that commitment in my mind while pushing through pain. I think a mistake that I’ve made up until know is training without specified goals and commitments, but that’s changing now.

I’m gonna get specific, commit to reaching a goal, and strive for it. Whether or not I hit that goal every time is not as important as having committed to the goal in the first place. I just wanted to share that with you all today because I know that some of you are struggling and I hope this helps you to reach new heights in your training whether that be physical, mental, or spiritual training.

Keep at it y’all, and stay strong.

Until next time,

PS: I’ll get 5 minutes. Watch and see.

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