Being Authentically You – Why It’s Good for Your Soul (and Others)

Photo by Denis Agati on Unsplash

I’m just gonna jump into it!

First, there’s no one like you. What you create and say and do is unique to you. Keeping that bottled up is depriving the world of your art! There are a lot of people out there who would love to see what you can create, you just gotta do the thing and put your heart into it. Don’t hold back about who you are on the inside. If the crowd doesn’t like it, find a different crowd!

Second, people respect authenticity. They can feel it when you aren’t being real. And that turns them off of whatever you have to offer. If it seems like you’re selling snake oil people will want nothing to do with you. Even worse, if it comes out that you are a liar people will actively vilify you. Just be straight up from the get-go and the right people will find you.

Third, people ENJOY openness. They love feeling connected to others. And that happens powerfully when you are open to the world rather than closed off. Openness draws people in like the hungry to a banquet. It’s because most people are so closed off in modern times and we crave real social interaction. Social media is cool but it’s a poor substitute for the real thing. When people see another person who is open to the world they want that. It’s attractive and infectious!

Fourth, it gives others the courage to do the same. Seeing you be real sets a precedent that it’s acceptable and you expect it. And others will rise to the standard you expect of them! Your words and actions will very clearly let them know what you expect of those around you. People will be drawn to you just by you being open and authentic. If they want to stick around they’ll measure up.

Fifth, closing yourself off is stifling and creatively destructive. At least it is for me – no bueno. I’m here to experience life and I can’t do that while being shut off. And you’re here to experience all of this crazy world too. You could live your life closed off and weighed down but there’s no reason to do that to yourself. There will always be struggles but it’s up to you whether or not you remain strong under the weight of them or if you buckle. I’m staying true!

So be yourself regardless of whether or not other people like it. You’re not going to care in 500 years whether or not somebody didn’t like what you said on twitter. Just do you! No one else is going to live your life for you or give you what you want out of this life. It’s all on you.

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