I spent a lot of time waiting. Just waiting. I thought that at some point in the future I would recognize that it was “the perfect time” to begin pursuing my dreams. I wasted a lot of years that way.

Granted, they weren’t a total loss, because I learned exactly what not to do if I wanted to achieve any of my goals. Waiting is a death sentence to your dreams. I’m not going to pretend like there aren’t some circumstances in life that can force you to put the work on hold for a time, but I had a lot of time where I wasn’t facing anything like that and yet I still put it off for some indefinite, future time.

Really, I’m not sure what changed. I know something did, because I feel differently now. But I am not certain what it was. It wasn’t that long ago that it happened, either, though I don’t know the exact day. Maybe it was the result of years of trying so hard to change my behaviors.

Whatever it was, I finally realized that there would be no better time, because the perfect time to begin simply doesn’t exist. There is always something in life that could be used as an excuse to not do what’s necessary to achieve your goals.

-I work full time
-I have kids
-I don’t know enough
-I don’t know where to start
-My family doesn’t approve
-I have too many other responsibilities
-It’s not the right time

All excuses.

And you’ll continue to let them be valid reasons for your stagnation as long as you let yourself. Most people use these reasons to never pursue their dreams. I can’t do that.

Don’t get me wrong, I was “built that way.” I was a lazy excuse maker. And worse. I just rebuilt myself to be the man who does.

And that’s what most don’t understand.

You can change. You can rebuild yourself into the type of person you want to be. The type of person who achieves!

You just have to begin.


After all, there is no better time than the present, because it’s literally all you have anyway.

Right now is the only thing that’s provably real. Don’t waste it. And take to heart that last sentence. The only thing you know for sure that you have is this moment that you’re in right now.

Instead of using it to worry about all that you aren’t, or all that you don’t have, start working toward the future you want.


Until next time,

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