5 Ways to Never Run Out of Things to Say on Twitter


1. Do interesting things – and talk about them. Not everything you say has to be “niche.” Share your experiences with your audience! 

2. Document a process you’re going through. Like writing a book or learning to shoot or getting in shape… Or getting married or learning to fight or growing a garden! 

3. Share lessons you’ve learned in life. Because you’ve made it this far… So you must have learned some interesting things along the way! 

4. Read books and share your thoughts and what you’ve learned while reading them, and expound upon those lessons! 

5. Reflect on who you are and where you’re going and share those thoughts, your wins and losses, with your followers so they can see that you’re a real, relatable person! 

6. BONUS: Become an expert in your niche and provide solutions to people’s problems. This is the one that’s going to make you money. It isn’t complicated but people tend to make it that way.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be! Seriously! People tend to drastically over-complicate things like this. Just be open and honest about who you are and what you’re doing, and then engage (a lot) with others and you’ll find your time on Twitter more enjoyable and your growth rate (which will compound as your account grows) satisfactory.

As for me, I’m providing solutions to the problems of indie authors.

In fact, I’m working on a course just for authors designed to help them through the entire process of writing, editing, designing, and publishing their books. And I’m creating a community for those who are writing and who want to write their own books – it’s going to be the best indie author community on the internet.

Join the Indie Space right HERE.

Follow @the_indie_space

Until next time,

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