So, You Want to Write a Book?

There’s been an explosion of interest in writing books in recent years. 

A lot of people dream of writing a book, of writing their story, the one they’ve lived or one (or all) of the hundreds they’ve imagined. 

Or they want to write about their field of expertise and share their wisdom and knowledge with the world.

A lot of people simply want to write; to be heard. But most don’t know where to start. And even if they do, writers are notoriously bad at everything else involved in becoming a successful author, indie or otherwise.

It took me an inordinate amount of time to learn all that I needed to know to write and publish a book, and even more time because I wanted to edit and design it myself, which I have been called crazy for haha.

But I did it, and I continue to do it. And I want to help other authors do it as well, whether they’ve written their first book or not.

In fact, I want to help my fellow writers so much that I’m writing an entire guide solely for them. For you, should you find yourself in the position of wanting to write your own book or guide. 

Not only that! I am also building what is shaping up to be the best indie author community on the internet, the Indie Space.

Inside the Indie Space you’ll find things like…

  • The Independent Indie – free upon its completion
  • Free growth guides and resources
  • Social media/author platform growth assistance
  • Writing accountability
  • Monthly writing challenges
  • Exclusive deals on author resources
  • Help with every stage of the writing and publishing process
  • An awesome affiliate opportunity to make money for your writing business
  • A brilliant community of highly motivated and intelligent indie authors
  • The ability to be a part of the Indie Space Anthology
  • And so much more

I want to help other writers reach their dreams of writing and publishing their own books and to make money doing so!

That’s what this community is all about: authors helping authors.

Signing up during the month of August 2021 nets you a lifetime subscription rate of $5 a month (best deal I’ll ever offer) and automatic entry into the affiliate program!

Interested? Sign up right here: The Indie Space 
Or if you have any questions drop me a DM on Twitter HERE or email

Until next time,

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