Being Sanctified

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I’ve talked a lot about course correction over the past few years, as have many of my compatriots. It’s always important to evaluate where you are and where you’re going honestly so that you know you aren’t off course. As the analogy goes, a very slight miscalculation now will put the ship at sea many, many leagues away from their destination if it isn’t corrected quickly.

So that’s what this is.


I’ve always been honest, sometimes painfully so, in my writings, and I’ll continue to do that. Fortunately, this isn’t painful, really.

God made it clear to me that I have not been using the gifts He’s given me as I should, to bring Him glory and to advance His message. I have some regret because I got quite far off course. Really it was VERY far off-course if I’m being truthful.

But here we are all the same. The best of intentions are often actually very much not the best of intentions, even when we believe they are. And so I won’t be well-intentioned anymore, I’ll be God-intentioned. I’m letting go and stepping back and allowing God to work in my life the way He sees fit, and maybe He’ll use me to work in the lives of others too.

Whatever happens, I want to be open and honest about it. God has changed something inside of me and I’m a different man than I was mere months ago. So it’s time for a course correction. But it’s more than that, too. It’s more than just a few degrees off course. I’ve been going in the exact wrong direction. God’s fixing that, and I hope to share what happens along the way.

It’s a new me. It’s a new blog. It’s a new life. A sanctified life. Sanctified by Him, not by me.

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