Here We Are, Here We Go.

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This project has gone through some ups and downs, as have I. I think when I rebranded as “Being Sanctified” I had an ideal in my mind that did not come to fruition. That is the way most things have been in my life, honestly. Experience tells me it’s linked to this bipolar disorder. I didn’t have a name for it until early this year (2022), but it absolutely explains my temperament, actions, thoughts, etc. I had good intentions, but I didn’t really follow through. That’s something I’ve always struggled with.

Anyway, the goal was to write about things that are important to me from the perspective of my faith in YHWH, and the truth that He alone is capable of “fixing” me. I wanted to write about that faith, as well as mental illness, physical fitness, marriage, and fatherhood. I wanted to write about my career as a police officer, about the things I’ve gone through and the things that have hurt me… about the things I’m overcoming. I still do want to write about those things. Oh, and my stories!

But this year has been one of discovery and healing and change. I am getting help for my problems. My faith is changing for the better. I’m expressing many of the feelings I’ve struggled with for decades regarding the traumas of my past through the written word (most of which is still private). I’m working through addictions. My family is healing and working on overcoming what we’ve all been through and what I’ve put us through. This is what has changed this year. I said in the post linked above that God changed something in me. That is true, but that change has taken much longer than I thought it would. In fact, it’s still taking place.

There’s a lot to say that might be able to help others. It will certainly help me! So that’s what this post is about. It’s a way for me to mark this reset. This is the day that I have decided I want things to keep changing. I’m looking back at how far I’ve come, and looking forward at how far I have left to go. Both of those views are important to me.

I think I’m finally, truly ready. Let the journey begin.

Until next time,


YHWH will bless you and keep you;
YHWH will make shine his face on you and be gracious to you;
YHWH will lift up his face upon you, and he will give you peace.’
-Numbers 6:24-26

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