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The Storm

I’m caught in a twister. I’ve sewn seeds of destruction. I am working. I’m getting stuff done. That’s what I tell myself. Really I’m ripping up the Earth, tearing through the city, not noticing or caring about my own destructive wake. I’m am the twister. I am the storm, raining on the just and the … Continue reading The Storm

Stop and enjoy the view

What is there to be said of “going with the flow”? I once thought it a virtue, to be the kind of person who willingly moves where life directs. This view was passed down to me by my mother, a veritable “free spirit” if ever there was one, and it stands in direct opposition to … Continue reading Stop and enjoy the view

Jesus > Brand

I realized something recently. Simply put, I don’t care about so many things the world cares about. Mere months ago I just could NOT stop thinking about marketing and branding and how to get my various ideas off the ground. I worked day and night and neglected my family and duties in order to pursue … Continue reading Jesus > Brand